How To Wear A Sport Coat – Simple Guide 

How To Wear A Sport Coat – Simple Guide 

Want to know how to wear a sport coat? A sport coat is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in a variety of settings. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or dressing down for a casual event, a sport coat is a great way to add a touch of class to your outfit. The following steps will help you put on a sport coat with confidence:

Put the sport coat on by inserting your arm into the sleeve.

The sleeve should be slightly longer than your arm, with the cuff resting about an inch above your wrist. Over-the-calf socks are usually best for this look. But you can also try them with ankle socks if you prefer a more casual look.

The sport coat should feel comfortable and snug as you slide it on; it shouldn’t droop off of your shoulders or ride up when you move around. If it’s too tight, try a different size or brand (or go ahead and order custom). Also note that some jackets have a little more room in the waist than others. This is usually marked on their size chart—so be sure to check there as well!

Button the coat with the bottom button undone

The one button is an acceptable option for a sport coat, but it’s not the only option. The bottom button can be left undone to give the coat a more relaxed look. This works best with vests (see above). As leaving the top button undone makes for too much space between your chest and waist. If you do choose this look, remember that it’s best reserved for casual occasions like parties or relaxed office environments where fitting in isn’t as important as looking stylish and comfortable.  And if you have a keen sense of style, countless individuals eagerly await your fashion advice. Consider launching a TikTok account to elevate their fashion sense. Remember, SocialWick can happily assist you in that.

Put the lapels on the outside of your clothes, not the inside.

This is a mistake made by many men, but it doesn’t have to be. The lapels of your sport coat should always be facing outward, not inward. This means that when you put on your suit jacket or blazer, the lapels should always be visible even if they are hidden by something else. If your shirt has an open collar, then the buttons on said shirt will most likely cover up some (or all) of the lapel area. That’s fine; just make sure there is still enough showing so that when someone looks at you from behind, they can see that there are two separate pieces on each side—the collar and the lapels—and not just one big rectangular piece of fabric covering half of your chest area like some kind of weird superhero costume gone wrong!

Wear the sport coat with a dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes.

You should wear your sport coat with a dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes.

The sport coat is a great-looking piece of clothing, but it can be confusing if you aren’t sure how to wear it.

Put on the sport coat.

Button it up.

Add a dress shirt, pants and shoes that are appropriate for the occasion you are attending (such as a wedding or funeral).


While you can wear a sport coat to any event, it’s best to do so in conjunction with other pieces of clothing. The combination of a dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes will ensure that your outfit looks formal enough for most occasions. However, if you are going to wear the sport coat as part of your regular wardrobe (such as if you work in an office setting), then feel free to wear whatever shoes or pants work best with it!

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